Abruzzo, with its crystal clear sea, wild mountains and uncontaminated nature, has made the multiplicity of its landscapes its strong point. It is no coincidence that the coat of arms of Abruzzo is an Italic shield divided into bands of three different colors: white as its snowy mountains, green as the hills of the hinterland and blue as its clean sea. Its position and climate make it a pleasant region that can be visited 365 days a year.

Abruzzo, “Green Region of Europe”, is a land that enchants and those who come to visit us leave their hearts, thanks to its fascinating landscapes between sea and mountains, its characteristic ancient villages clinging to a wild nature, the fortresses, the culinary delights of a typical cuisine, genuine and tasty, but especially thanks to the hospitality of its inhabitants.

But it is not only the places that arouse interest, but also the activities that can be carried out in these places. Because the people not only welcome, but also transfer and make available to the traveler their own life and work experience so that an exchange of inspirations can take place. Milking, cheese and clay making, the manufacture of candles and soaps according to the peasant tradition, the ancient art of weaving, the grape harvest, are just some of the many activities that can be practiced. Slow rhythms, traditions still alive that create a continuity over time and that are our roots and our identity, hospitality: this and much more is what we would like to share with those who decide to visit us.