Welcoming and hospitality, emotions and experiences.

Not only itineraries in the land of Abruzzo, but above all a unique and authentic experience, based on human relations and knowledge transfer, with the possibility to immerse oneself in the local lifestyle and in all that constitutes the identity of the place.

A series of unforgettable activities with a strong personal impact, affecting all the senses and creating connections on a physical, emotional and intellectual level with the people, history and traditions of the place: the “luxury” that comes from the transfer of life experiences, the genuineness of relationships and the simple and friendly welcome.

It will be possible to savor every season and live, according to the rhythms of nature, the activities related to them: visits to vineyards and wineries, grape harvesting and harvesting with the participation in first person in the procedure of wine production (manual grape harvesting, singing of folk songs, pressing with the feet…) as it happened in the past. ) as it used to happen in the past; the olive harvest and oil production, with tasting and visit to the oil mills; the chestnuts and wild herbs harvest; the garden products harvest and purchase at local markets to make traditional dishes, walks on the promenade and meeting with fishermen returning from fishing with their boats, visit and dinner on the trabocchi, characteristic structures for fishing; but also direct knowledge, through courses with artists of the trade, arts and crafts that are disappearing, such as cheese making, making soaps and candles according to ancient customs, pottery, weaving, etc..