ROUTESANDMORE is a local tour operator. It was born from the love for our land, for local traditions, for travel, for nature, for the local people who are welcoming and eager to pass on their knowledge. Our goal is to promote the artistic heritage, precious and little known of our region, through innovative routes that deepen the local customs and traditions.

ROUTESANDMORE studies and creates alternative itineraries outside of mass tourism to discover little-known places, choosing among the many proposals that are closer to the interests and needs of visitors.

We accompany the visitor in the exploration of cultural heritage through a local perspective, a different way of visiting places to live an intense and exclusive experience.

Our guided tours take place where possible on foot or by bicycle and offer an innovative vision of the area thanks to the direct confrontation with the locals who put their experience at the service of the visitor. These are itineraries that show the rarity of a place, ranging from art, architecture, nature, photography, arts and crafts, local customs and traditions. Cities of art, ancient villages, monasteries, castles, nature, sea and mountains seen from an unusual angle, with a perspective that turns the trip into an experience of knowledge and human enrichment.

The selected group of our collaborators includes both professionals and locals, eager to pass on their knowledge, all sharing a passion for history, traditions, arts and crafts of our land. A solid and far-sighted human investment, centered on people, which creates a synergy between multiple talents at the service of our guests, to develop a service in step with the times taking into account their curiosity and passions. Together we design “experiences” and transmit emotions.